50 Killer Metal Guitar Licks Vol 2 With Andy James

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KYOJI YAMAMOTO – “James in My Casket” (Live, BOW WOW Song)

Kyoji Yamamoto – leader of legendary japanese hard rock band Bow Wow on stage with Bow Wow’s song called “James in My Casket”. It’s a song written in memory of Jimi Hendrix, it came from debut Bow Wow’s album (“Bow Wow”, 1976). In 1984 from the ashes of Bow Wow Kyoji formed Vow Wow. When they changed name to VW, they also changed style to more melodic and commercial (and less ‘agressive’). We should treat VW and BW as two different (but connected) bands. Now they are back to the Bow Wow name, returned to the old line-up and old style. LINEUP: Kyoji Yamamoto – guitar, vocal ??? – drums ??? – bass Live-clip from one of the HARD ROCK SUMMIT shows DVD. Added by MaFFej from: www.loudness-band.prv.pl – enjoy! my site about LOUDNESS 😉 .
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Metal Rhythm Techniques Guitar Lessons DVD With Andy James Licklibrary

www.licklibrary.com Check Out This Metal Rhythm Techniques guiatr lessons dvd. Andy James shows you rhythm techniques, improving your time keeping – develop techniques to play fast and improving tightness. Andy James gives and overview of this DVD Available to buy from www.licklibrary.com
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James Durbin : Heavy Metal ( ft. Zakk Wylde ) – Sammy Hagar : American Idol Top 8 Movie Week

James Durbin : ” Heavy Metal ” by Sammy Hagar ft. Zakk Wylde on guitar on ” American Idol ” .. songs from the movies on Top 8 week. HOT Performance ! RECAP : James Durbin wins tonight’s song choice competition. Sammy Hagar? From “Heavy Metal”? Love it, James. The mentors? They’re not so pleased. If their job was to help James with his confidence, they pretty much failed poor Jimmy. I adore James’ fidelity to his roots. Unlike Scotty, it’s not like he hasn’t tried other things. He’s displayed quite a bit of range and this just happens to be what he loves. And he just happens to be most excellent at it, especially accompanied by Zakk Wylde shredding it on the guitar. Oh, James Durbin. You’d definitely have made a Top 4 on “Rock Star.” I’m also beginning to think James Durbin is making a strong case to win “American Idol” 1988. Steven, J-Lo and Randy Say: “That felt really, really REAL,” J-Lo raves. J-Lo wants to make it clear that no matter how things sounded at home, everybody was killing it in the theater. “Tonight, you did you,” celebrates Randy. Tyler also a fan. © Video content from “Fremantle International” – American Idol 2011 on FOX (ch.53).