Head Huntin’ (Modern Warfare 2 Metal Music Video)

www.youtube.com Click here to watch Left Me 4 Dead (L4D2 metal music video by TEAMHEADKICK)! Head Huntin’ (Modern Warfare 2 Metal Music Video) This is a fan film created by TEAMHEADKICK for all the fans of the game and to all the beast snipers out there. Metal meets machine gun PWNage. Finally, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gets the theme song it deserves. Enjoy. MP3 available on iTunes, Amazon, and worldwide under TEAMHEADKICK. LYRICS: I got the sniper dialed in and you know Im head huntin All you noobs, you dont want nothing Been a fan of COD since back in the day And if you step in my way, youll get slayed! Im a killer like you just dont know Dropping your team like ducks in a row Skills so sick it will make you puke Try to hide from me, here comes the tactical nuke And youll never find me, cause I always hide A care package glitch, Im a ninja with a knife Legitimate reason to be scared, you never had a prayer Dont come unprepared, This is Modern Warfare BOOM! Head Huntin (x4) Shoot from the Hip, no time to reload In a prone position light you up with my scope Double wielding pistols, youll pay the price Ive got more prestige than Jesus Christ Na, Na, Na BOOM! Headshot, I dont care BOOM! Headshot, Modern Warfare I got my trigger finger itching, but Im a team player In the city of PWNville, Im the town Mayor The UAV just came on line, crouched Auto shottie took you out from behind And youll fall down dead like a pile of crap Exploding your head from across the map
Video Rating: 4 / 5