Megadeth Holy Wars Guitar Hero Vs. Real Guitar

Hey guys, I really hope you like this video. =D This song was pretty hard to play on the guitar. There’s a lot of different things in the song, so it was really fun to learn. =) Let me know what you think! We really want to thank Megadeth for giving us permission to play the Megadeth songs that are on Warriors of Rock. =D Also guys, LetsPlayTV is back up! Here’s the link! Robin from Norway is the 2nd manager. =D Facebook:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Enrique Iglesias’s “Hero” in American Sign Language [Sean Berdy]

DISCLAIMER: We do not own the rights to this song. This film was produced out of the desire of having an American Sign Language version of Enrique Iglesias’s “Hero.” Subtitled in English. *This music video is not available on all devices due to copyright or licensing issues* –Inspired by Keren Martinez-Cruz, Vibrations – Indiana School for the Deaf– Executive Producer Sean Berdy Producer Jules Dameron Starring Sean Berdy & Kristi Mahé Director & Writer Jules Dameron Director of Photography Erik Call Editor Jules Dameron Creative Subtitles Jules Dameron ASL Translations Sean Berdy & Tyler Berdy Gaffer Martha Anger Production Designer Martha Anger Makeup & Hair Tia Albert & Peg Teague First Assistant Director Dickie Hearts Set Photographer Amber Zion Assistant Production Design Amber Zion ASL Consultant Tyler Berdy & Lisa Hermatz Grips Matt Daigle Quinn Cooke Production Assistants Nick Zerlentes Ryan Barrett Truck Driver Tyrone Giordano Special Thanks Bob Arnold Nick Zerlentes Maisha Franklin Everyone who volunteered This film was created by with a cast & crew who are all deaf and hard of hearing. http

Laid To Rest Expert+ Drums 100% FC (Guitar Hero: Smash Hits) [ION + Foot View]

***Click For More Info*** Officially Sponsored By – The best product, best warranty, best prices. PERIOD. Destroyer Pedal, ION Drums, and MORE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3rd Documented FC On Expert+ Drums. This is a Re-FC because my first FC of it was live on stream. So i took my camera i was about to return, out of the package and quickly threw this together. Then had to put it back together. Just for you guys =] Read this very carefully trolls First Documented FC USING A ROCK BAND DRUM SET [4 lanes] And I DO NOT want to hear any bitching about how using 5 pads is harder because **THERE ARE THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF NOTES IN THE SONG USING A ROCK BAND DRUM SET AS THEIR ARE USING A GH:WT DRUM SET.** If you do not believe me, go check out Someguy913’s FC of this using 5 lanes or Minime220220. This is the last person i will be linking for a long time: Minime220220 plays rock band drums, has a Roland kit like Someguy913, and has awesome split screen videos. He is the second to FC this song on expert+ so check out his videoss and perhaps subscribe or you’ll miss out on a lot of good videos – Fun Fact: Im the first to FC it using a twin rocker lololol. Both Minime220220 and Someguy913 have sensitive triggered KD-8’s. Mine has to be hit hard to register b/c of twin rocker. Also Yea the foot view is lulz with the lamp =] I figured my feet and pedals were too hard to see because of the crappy lighting so i literally stuck a lamp in

Guitar Hero 2 Party Ticket

Guitar Hero 2 Party Ticket
hard rock tickets
Image by Rob Boudon
Yes! I’m throwing another Guitar Hero Party!!! If you were at the last party then you know what a good time it was. Pictures Here.

You probably know that the sequel to Guitar Hero… Guitar Hero 2 will be released on November 7th. I’ve already got mine reserved.

I’m having the party on Saturday, November 11, 2006 at my place.

To prepare for the awsomeness that will be Guitar Hero 2 I’ve found some vids on the interweb that should get you ready to rock! Take a look at…

Sweet Child O Mine – Guns & Roses

Them Bones – Alice In Chains

War Pigs – Black Sabbath

Jessica – Allman Brothers

YYZ – Rush (Guitar & Bass)

Misirlou – Dick Dale (This looks very hard)

And of course…

Freebird – Lynyrd Skynyrd This looks relaxing till about halfway through the song and then gets crazy hard!

Can’t wait!