Metal / Gothic / Rock Female vocalist BEST VIDEOS

Gothic,rock best videos ! FEMALE LEADER Sorry for some errors with titel on videos ! I hope you like it ! There is also many other band that i can put, but now you can see this 😉 Good list of band like in video goes: 1. Xandria 2. Epica 3.Delain 4.Stream Of passion 5. Within Temptation 6.Slipping Tongue 7. Agnes 8. Sirenia 9. After Forever 10. Krypteria 11. Glassmode 12. Tarja Turunen 13. Leaves Eyes 14. Evanescence 15. Bonus video- Tsukiko Amano
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Symphonic, Gothic & Melodic Metal Bands

this is my first video on youtube so i hope you enjoy it! i would like: recommendations of other bands i might like your opinion on my video your own top10 (if you want) many comments! =D this was my top 10 a long time ago when I was just enetring the metal world. Right now my top10 would definitely include Tristania and Theatre Of Tragedy 🙂