Weekly Metal Topic Ep #1 “Whats The Best Genre Of Metal?”

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Metal Music Genre – Thrash Metal

In the metal community there is another genre called thrash metal. It fits under the category for fat riffs, beats and aggression. This genre is all about having fast drum, guitars and loud singing. “The Big Four” created the thrash metal genre. “The Big Four” include Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer, these are the pioneers of thrash metal. These four bands are the fathers of thrash metal and began their journey in the 1970’s and early 80’s.

For the start of thrash metal, there was a wall of British metal music bands that thrash metal had to get around. Thrash Metal was created to be a more aggressive and fast tempo of metal music. This was coming off of a punk and hardcore type of metal. This introduced a more distortion guitar, complex riffs, long guitar solos, double kick bass drums and loud vocals.

A common practice for thrash metal bands is having complex intros, solos and outros in their music. Their high speed solos were often called shredding. Shredding is a way to play notes quickly during your solos. Using techniques like hammer-ons and pull-offs. For the metal community and having these new styles being played was a great movement for the typical styles.


Metallica, Anthrax, Overkill and Slayer all released albums in 1984 that opened up thrash metal music to society. All of these different bands brought something new to trash metal, usually competing in making the heaviest and fastest music. Thrash Metal was on the rise after this, the metal community had brought it in and it started to grow.

Into the 1990’s there was a change in the style of music and how the bands kept on releasing albums. With bands changing their style of thrash metal and new age bands coming in, there was a change in thrash metal. Band slowing down and changing their styles brought Metallica’s release of “Load” and “Reload.” These two albums were more of a hard rock than a thrash metal. Not only did Metallica take a different route with their music, so did Megadeth. Megadeth’s album “Countdown to Extinction” was a different style than their earlier releases.

Into to the year 2000 thrash metal has become very low in popularity. Gama Bomb, Municipal Waste and Evile are some bands that are still pumping out the thrash metal. Other than that The Big Four still release new albums, but not like what they were in 1970’s. With popularity falling for thrash metal, it still isn’t going anywhere anytime soon with “The Big Four” still rocking.

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