Pez – Festival Song

video clip Ft. 360 And Hailey Cramer Lyrics: alright its that time of the year youve been waiting for for months now saving up your pay trying to figure all your funds out its kinda funny when you think of all the fun how, its taken this long to shake last years come down forget the past, as soon as december starts grab your parents credit card and hope you dont get in last yeah coz if you let it pass, these days a week late can mean paying triple when you bpay off ebay (true) its hard to figure out what tickets you want, should it be falls festival or pyramid rock well for me, i really dont care coz i dont listen to rock or hip hop i just wear earplugs and sit there and watch if your favorite bands there youll think youll never forget youll probably get that wasted you wont remember there set but if your a festival head then you already no the plan go and pack up all your shit coz your going on a trip for those summer days summer days Ohh summer days summer days summer days now when you finally make it there from driving up with your crew you better get your mind set on finding something to do coz youll be stuck there lining up in the queue moving bumper to bumper until your ass hurts, all to get your car searched and if your alcohol your stressing coz you need it bad stashing bottles of vodka up in your sleeping bag maybe get a spare tire with a heap of cans it doesnt matter everybody has there secret plan once your crew start picking your spot unpacking realise all the
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