Fall From Grace “Burned”

www.A3Network.com. Fall From grace “Burned”. Fall From Grace is a Hard Rock Phoenix rising from the ashes of adversity. Each of the four band members are a walking testament to the saying “that which does not kill you, makes you stronger.” Creating music for the masses, each song is a story of struggle, and triumph. Fall From Grace formed in the musical hotbed of Seattle Washington. However this punk-rock, foursome does not subscribe to the indie pop culture or grunge persona most are used to from the area. Instead, Fall From Grace live and play in the underbelly of the Seattle scene, hitting the hardcore clubs and breathing life into a new movement they are building, one that is breaking through with the help of acts like Aiden and Amber Pacific. Fall from Grace’s gritty punk-rock sound is exemplified by their non-stop action packed live show. Front man Tryg commands the mob of psycho scenesters while singing songs with infectious melodies, brutal breakdowns and crowd clap choruses. Their music gives something to everyone. Although the subject matter is dark at times the display is up tempo and incites a dancing riot. This band has come together and faced the darkest of times but has spun it in a way that brings the message of hope and hard-core happiness to all who hear it. Each of the four members of Fall From Grace has remained victorious against possible impending doom making this band their career and life focus. Ken Olson made it to every show and every daily
Video Rating: 4 / 5