Rock Music Exposed -33/36- Satanists in evening clothes

Playlist link: Theseries Rock Music Exposed is based mostly on excerpts from Hell’s Bells1 and Hell Bells2 documentaries by The Apologetics Group. Thanks to Eric Holmberg and The Apologetics Group for allowing to present this material. Note that more than 3 hours of the documentaries were not included in this series. You can get a full copy of Hell’s Bells 1 as well as Hell’s Bells 2, The Sounds of War, Pandora’s Box Office and other videos that analyze pop culture from a Christian worldview perspective by going to: Download all parts of Rock Music Exposed at

Exposed by Lost Autumn — NO AUTOTUNE =) (.99): iTunes (.99): “Exposed” available now! A hard rock/metal song off of Lost Autumn’s debut album “Exposed” Lyrics for Exposed You wanted to be like every bitch on TV So hollow and selfish Materialistic drama queen I never wanted to see you so misguided I never wanted to be the one who exposed you You wanted to be the next hallowed celebrity How sad it must be to know you’ll amount to nothing Damn right I’ll expose you You’re so starved for attention (Guess your mother’s to blame) For not wanting you in the first place Damn right I’ll expose You’re obsessed with fame and fortune You’re so starved for attention I guess your Mother’s to blame For not wanting you in the first place Can’t really blame her Look at the fucking piece of shit she made