Miku’s “BLACK ROCK SHOOTER” with English Lyric

My translation on “BLACK ROCK SHOOTER”. (This isreprint. I only add translation to video) [ Original title in NICO VID ] 初音ミクがオリジナルを歌ってくれたよ「ブラック★ロックシューター」 (Miku Hatsune sang original song “BLACK ROCK SHOOTER” for us) [Original vid URL] www.nicovideo.jp [MP3 uploaded by actual author] redjuicegraphics.com [Creator] Music & Lyric by ryo PV by huke Vocal by Vocaloid “Miku Hatsune” [Who’s Miku(the girl in vid)?] jp.youtube.com [About my translation] If you have anything about my translation please see my profile for my translation policy first. [How to get mp3 and Japanese lyric readable in Eng(Romaji)] www.eonet.ne.jp www.eonet.ne.jp —————————————- Miku H’s “BLACK ROCK SHOOTER” Lyric —————————————- Black rock shooter Where did you go? Can you hear me? How much more do I have to shout How much more do I have to cry Stop it I can’t run anymore The world once dreamt closes In pitch-black darkness with no light Road that is about to collapse That day’s hope… which couldn’t be here (though) I thought I saw it Why Black rock shooter Fond old memory That simply pleasant (days back then) Black rock shooter Though I can’t move (Placing) wish to the star that runs through darkness I will run just once more, so Being scared… mutters in a quivering voice Please call my name Sky that take in the dawn Distance to the boundary By one step, (short) to reach Held tears are about to overflow Don’t look