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Vintage Inspired Limited Edition Lingerie from Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly is a small vintage inspired lingerie line, designed by Catherine Clavering. Catherine will tell you that she ‘went on a long search for a good suspender belt set and ended up with a vintage inspired retro lingerie brand designed for femme fatales; glamorous, sensual and intelligent women with just a hint of danger.’

Many of Catherine’s designs are limited edition releases, so with limited numbers, they sell out fast. The next limited edition release, is the Alouette which comprises of a padded plunge bra, briefs and a 6 strap cincher.

This Limited Edition is due for release in early December and available for delivery in plenty of time for Christmas, so if you want to treat yourself, or those men out their looking for the ideal Christmas present then why not pre-order the Kiss Me Deadly Alouette Bra, Briefs and Cincher.


This gorgeous set is in Electric Blue, with previous years versions being in peach and the top selling emerald green of two years ago. It was only natural that Kiss Me Deadly would return to this fantastically designed set, with a colour that can only be described as stunning. This years set has a Cincher, that is longline and therefore slightly longer than the normal cincher.

As six strap suspender belts, with metal clips, is really the thing that Kiss Me Deadly do best, the Alouette Longline Cincher is that something a little extra special for anyone wanting to achive that vintage look with a modern take.

Kiss Me Deadly six strap suspender belts combine superb staying power with both comfort and glamour. Often deep, like vintage styles, they suit retro 40’s and 50’s trends, which other mainstream labels are starting to copy, with this trend continuing strongly in to spring summer 2011. The belts sitting on the natural waist, the slimmest part of your body, means a Kiss Me Deadly suspender belt won’t slide about, and looks fabulous – think Dita Von Teese. It also means that the belt  can safely accomodate wide straps, better for all day hold.

Kiss Me Deadly always use metal garter tabs, which survive washing and work better than plastic, with the range of garments offered by Kiss Me Deadly now including, roll on girdles, corselettes, basques, suspender skirts and longline girdles which all feature 6 garter tabs, the better to keep seamed nylons in place!

Richard is the lingerie buyer for Just Bras Lingerie Outlet and He regularly blogs on the latest trends in the lingerie world at

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