IGDaily – 3DS Price Drop, Deus Ex: HR Gold, Free Red Dead DLC – 7/28/11

www.youtube.com Click here to watch IGDaily – Battlefield 3 Alpha, Metal Gear Delayed, MK Recap – 7/27/11 IGDaily – 3DS Price Drop, Deus Ex: HR Gold, Free Red Dead DLC – 7/28/11 The 3DS drops in price, Deus Ex goes gold, and Red Dead gets free!!! That a slew of other good stuff I’m sure you’ll be into. Enjoy your news. 3DS: blog.machinima.com Deus Ex: blog.machinima.com Red Faction: blog.machinima.com Red Dead: blog.machinima.com R3 Beta: blog.machinima.com Trailers: blog.machinima.com Link for the best video ever: www.youtube.com – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – This video will show you… HOW TO go gold HOW TO sell a 3DS HOW TO call in sick – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Like Machinima on Facebook! facebook.com Prove your gaming skills on the Respawn Army app therespawnarmy.com FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO www.youtube.com FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: www.youtube.com TAGS: Machinima Inside Gaming Daily IGD Adam Kovic Co-host 3DS Price Drop 0 starting August 12 Free Games for current owners 10 NES Virtual Console Gameboy Advanced Mario Kart Deus Ex: Human Revolution goes gold August 23 Red Faction is dead THQ Saints Franchise Red Dead Redemption Free DLC Myths Mavericks Bonus Resistance 3 Beta Halo Anniversary Terminals Sneak Peak Twitter Facebook

Spin Drop (Garen’s Anthem) [Songs of the Summoned]

***If you enjoyed Spin Drop and Stand Alone check out out latest entry to the Songs of the Summoned 2 contest! The Demacian Battle Hymn: www.youtube.com The new single from DJ 3.LO Notorious MIA Records Album, Going Commando Region, NA Download Link: www.4shared.com Song Credits, Vocals: Heavia Lyrics: Gregen, Jitterz Beats: FaeOberon Mastering: Daltair Art used with permission from Massive Pwnage www.massivepwnage.com Lyrics Lock in your characters and let me explain The tale of a man who’s caused so much pain Demacia is the place he was raised If you listen to me you’ll be quite amazed To learn why he’s the king of the Rift The enemy, they’re all scared stiff The heart of a team on mid lane pushes The reason your foes stay out of the bushes. The heat of a battle, Garen appears Down the top lane runs a river of tears A beacon of light, watch his enemies run On his back eighteen cloaks of the sun The lane seems clear but it’s hard to say Is he in the bushes, is he MIA? It’s team fight time, he’ll lead the charge His scarf is long his sword is large. Chorus, Spin drop spin drop Demacia’s coming, you just can’t stop Spin drop spin drop Demacia’s coming, whether you like it or not Spin drop spin drop Demacia’s coming, you just can’t stop Spin drop spin drop Demacia’s coming, whether you like it or not Some summoners say have made the claim That my boy Garen’s got too much game When he hits the field they can’t win If the G-Man’s there to take them for a spin They say he

Motor City New Year’s Eve 2011 – “The Drop”

Purchase Tickets Here: www.detoxrecordings.com Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Motor City and come help us drop the D at midnight outside the Hard Rock Cafe Detroit and the elegant atrium of Compuware at Campus Martius. With two main stages, the entertainment is guaranteed to be a hit. This isn’t your typical hotel ballroom party. This is THE party to make your New Year’s Eve memory! Be a part of history in the making! Open from 9pm to 4am. Strolling Hors d’oeuvres stations and open bar until 2am. Cash bar until 4am. – HOSTED BY FOX 2’s ANQUNETTE JAMISON – MUSIC PROVIDED BY DJ TOM T & AD CRUZE (Detox Recordings / Detroit, MI) This is going to be the hottest New Year’s Eve event in the Motor City. Space is limited so buy your tickets now! Buy early to ensure the best price! Follow the link to purchase tickets: www.detoxrecordings.com

How to Play Heavy Metal Guitar : Drop D Tuning for Metal Guitar

Learn how to use Drop D Tuning in heavy metal guitar playing in this free video lesson. Expert: Gary Schutt Bio: Gary Schutt was born and raised in Monticello, NY, and was taught how to play drums by his father. He later learned to play guitar. Gary attended Berklee College of Music. Filmmaker: Gary Schutt

2011 New Years Eve Guitar Drop & After Party with 7dayBinge at Hard Rock Nashville

Indie Nashville discusses the 2011 Guitar Drop with Hard Rock Nashville’s Julien Salley. This will the second year that Nashville has had a Guitar Drop. The first had over 10000 people show up. This year has anchor Brooke Baldwin reporting LIVE for CNN. Nashville being one of a handful of locations CNN is reporting from and the only Central time zone (CST) city. Julien was instrumental in Hard Rock’s very first guitar drop in Memphis a few years back and has brought the magic to Nashville – guitars and Nashville being a natural fit. Gibson Guitars provides the 10 foot high guitar that drops 100 feet at midnight above the outside Center Stage on 1st & Broadway. Outside performers will include Damien Horne, Will Hoge and Phil Vassar. The music and Guitar Drop is free. After the Guitar Drops, the AFTER PARTY will start upstairs at Hard Rock Nashville’s REVERB Room. Seven Day Binge (7dayBinge or 7dB) will be the headliner. Plus 7dayBinge will have some special guests showing up. The event will be hosted by Indie Nashville herself (Sharon Koltick vox/bass/trumpet of Kink Ador) 7dayBinge can be on iTunes at: itunes.apple.com Presented by Hard Rock Cafe Nashville Sponsors – Enconcert and Backstage Pass Produced by: – Amped Up Entertainment & Amped Up Magazine (“Like” us on FB) – Spiralheart Media HARD ROCK CAFE – NASHVILLE Guitar Drop After Party HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin will be at the Hard Rock broadcasting LIVE! The Guitar DROPS at ..well…Midnight
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