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Obituary’s John Tardy Discusses Bands Inception, Future Plans & the Impact of the Internet in Music!


Legendary Florida Death Metal goliaths Obituary recently opened a can of whoop ass at Santos Party House in New York City, as part of their East Coast Possession tour. The entire show was streamed via UNAtion, which is an event-driven platform that will fundamentally change the way corporations, organizations and individuals interact with one another. The band is currently composing the follow-up to their “Darkest Day” full-length, released in 2009 with plans to enter the studio early in the new year for a tentative late spring/early summer 2012 release. Not even 10 minutes after Obituary stepped off stage, we captured Obituary’s vocalist/co-founder John Tardy and conducted the following interview. During the interview we discussed the bands inception, their upcoming plans, and how the internet has affected Obituary. Crank it up to 11, but make sure to warn your neighbors!
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GODSMACK – SHANNON LARKIN discusses tattoos, drum battles, metallica and The Oracle


@Godsmack_Music Visit for tickets and tour dates. Shannon Larkin discusses joining Godsmack, the new approach Godsmack took in creating The Oracle, headlining Welcome to Rockville, His first tattoo and the tattoo that means the most… a copy of a 1952 Mermaid tattoo from Shannon’s father who was a sailor and who passed away from cancer. Shannon talks about receiving his first gold record, delivered on tour by Godsmack & Metallica and having his mother see him on television at the grammy awards… And he answers the question…Who is winning The Drum Battle? Read the review
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