Catherine Wheel – Heal (HD) (Happy days 1995)

Catherine Wheel – Heal (HD) (Happy days 1995) Catherine Wheel formed in 1990, comprising singer/guitarist Rob Dickinson, guitarist Brian Futter, bassist Dave Hawes, and drummer Neil Sims. Hawes had previously played in a Joy Division-influenced band called Eternal. They took their moniker from the firework known as the Catherine wheel, which in turn had taken its name from the medieval torture device of the same name. The band was often included in the shoegazing scene, characterized by bands that made extensive use of guitar feedback and droning washes of noise, as well as their continuous interaction with extensive amounts of effects pedals on the stage floor. The band performed a Peel session in early 1991 while still unsigned; two 12″ vinyl EPs were released on the Norwich based Wilde Club Records, named after the regular weekly Wilde Club gigs run by Barry Newman at Norwich Arts Centre. They signed to major-label Fontana Records after being courted by both Creation Records and the Brian Eno-run label Opal Records. The band’s debut album, 1991/92’s Ferment, made an immediate impression on the music press and introduced Catherine Wheel’s biggest US hit, “Black Metallic,” as well as moderate hit “I Want To Touch You.” [3] The album features re-recorded versions of some of the Wilde Club-issued EPs. The more aggressive Chrome followed in 1993, produced by Gil Norton. With this album, the band began to shed its original shoegazing tag, while still making skillful use of
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Block McCloud & Vinnie Paz – True Lies/End of Days [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Directed by Prime Cut ( The official music video for “True Lies” and “End of Days” You can watch the uncensored version here: Check out the behind scenes video here: “True Lies” off Block McCloud’s (of Brooklyn Academy, Army of the Pharaohs) debut solo album, “Four Walls” produced by DJ Waxwork (formally of Snowgoons) featuring Vinnie Paz (courtesy of Enemy Soil) and Hassan Salam “End of Days” (prod. Sicknature) off Vinnie Paz’s (of Jedi Mind Tricks) debut solo album “Season of the Assassin” featuring Block McCloud Twitter: @BlockMcCloud @Vinnie_Paz @PrimeCutFilm Facebook: http Starring Charles Parker Newton (http Cinematography by Matthew Novak ( Production design by Monica Mayorga (http Outro Score by The Gemini Lounge (Genghis Khan & Jon Jackson) Special Thanks to: Sal, Mark, Mike, Enemy Soil, and to all those who showed support in the making of this video
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Agalloch – Dead Winter Days

One-Picture Video of Agalloch’s “Dead Winter Days”. Enjoy. Band Website: Encyclopaedia Metallum: Myspace: Record Label – The End Records Record Label – Vendlus Records Record Label – Profound Lore Records There lies a beauty behind forbidden wooden doors. A beauty so rare and pure, It would make human eyes bleed and burn. She killed herself in the fall… I am the unmaker, I bring death to the beautiful dawn. With pillor, cold, And a legion of dying angels… I killed myself in the spring… A grim bough had hung me high I sank the fires of the Sol… Here nightfall reigns… I oppose the light, I gather the storms, with a sword I wield with hate. I shot down the sun, With bow and flame, Pillorian for the dead winter. I am the unmaker, The pillorian, the ending. I die… I damn you the dead winters… Album: Pale Folklore Year: 1999