Heavy T.O 2011 – Father Daughter Rockers

Heavy T.O 2011 – Father Daughter Rockers
heavy metal music
Image by TonyFelgueiras
Heavy T.O – Day 2
Sunday July 24, 2011
Downsview Park, Toronto, ON

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Queen – Son & Daughter, Guitar Solo – Rainbow Live 1974

www.tommygunvideo.com That Queen sound at it’s very best This is the sound of Queen that we grew up with in the 70s that we all know and love. This performance includes Son & Daughter Brian May Guitar Solo The pure hard rock sound of Queen in the early days. What can be better? NTSC and PAL “An Evening With Qween/After Hours”: – Live at the Rainbow, Nov. 19-20, 1974 – Live at the HammersmithOdeon, Dec. 25, 1975 – Live at HydePark, Sept. 18, 1976 – After Hours