Congrats Finland

Congrats Finland
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Quite awsomely, Finland’s entry "Hard Rock Hallelujah" by Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest last night.

I’m not a huge fan of Heavy Metal (other than a fondness for playing Guitar Hero on the play station2), but quite frankly, they Rocked.

In the U.K. the song contest is a bit of an institution, We don’t take it even remotely seriously – it’s a celebration of the brash, kitcsh and cheesy (and narrated on Tv in the UK by Terry Wogan, who joins us in having a little too much to drink and taking the piss out of the acts and host nation presenters), and that seems to appeal to the british psyche* , so a group of finish heavy metallers dressed as monsters was right up our street.

I feel a little sorry for Malta though, they always try so very hard 🙁

* = how else do you think we ended up choosing by public vote a quite frankly dodgy looking bloke who looks to have had one two many beers rapping with a load of school children for our entry?

I strongly reccomend you check out some of the music videos on the eurovision website – Particularly Finland, Germany (a close second in my view – who’d have thought it – country and western!), and the UK entry!