Betty White I’M STILL HOT with Luciana (Music Video link below!)

Music video: Song Available on iTunes (link below) A portion of the net proceeds benefit the Los Angeles Zoo. The song and music video are sponsored by The Lifeline Program. A portion of the net proceeds go to benefit the The Los Angeles Zoo AKA cuddly, adorable animals! If you know anything about Betty, you know she LOVES animals!! You can look for the video to premiere on October 11th at! Luciana’s #1 club smash “I’m Still Hot” with a cameo from legendary comedienne Betty White, although we know she’s the star in this version. Click ^share^ above to send to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and more! I LOVE BETTY WHITE. Listen to the track here: In this video, I rave about Betty White’s new song. You heard me. BETTY WHITE’S NEW SONG. With Luciana. It’s a club banger. No, seriously. Betty White has a new song and it’s amazing. Luciana and Betty White I’m Still Hot lyrics I’m still hot I hook up with the Lifeline I got big cash in no time I’m living life at the top Guess what? I’m still hot Sky rocket, I’ll make it pop I’m hittin jackpot Backin you stackin you rap And I’ll make your head bop I’m smokin hot in the world I’m still a golden girl I may be a senior so what I’m still hot From Londontown to LA I shake it all the way I rock your world with my cheesecake I’m still hot Guess what? I’m still hot (3x) I always come out on top I’m Betty from the block I locked my Emmys in my
Video Rating: 4 / 5