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GODSMACK – SHANNON LARKIN discusses tattoos, drum battles, metallica and The Oracle


@Godsmack_Music Visit for tickets and tour dates. Shannon Larkin discusses joining Godsmack, the new approach Godsmack took in creating The Oracle, headlining Welcome to Rockville, His first tattoo and the tattoo that means the most… a copy of a 1952 Mermaid tattoo from Shannon’s father who was a sailor and who passed away from cancer. Shannon talks about receiving his first gold record, delivered on tour by Godsmack & Metallica and having his mother see him on television at the grammy awards… And he answers the question…Who is winning The Drum Battle? Read the review
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NERD talk New Album, Favorite Songs, Creative Battles, Brawl

| Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili caught up with NERD (Pharrell Williams, Shay, Chad Hugo) to talk about their new album “Nothing”. Pharrell says that he is most proud of the fact that Neil Young, Quentin Tarantino and RZA would all appreciate this album. Shay says that its a blend of a lot of things that he thinks this generation will appreciate. Chad, well Chad didn’t say much during the whole interview but he did get in a couple classic lines if you listen closely…specially the one about knee pads at the end. In this segment of the interview, the band share their favorite songs on the album, Pharrell Inside a Cloud, Shay: Victory and Perfect Defect, Chad: Perfect Defect and Party People. Shay states that what keeps it fresh after all this time is that they are forever pushing the envelope and that they have creative battles which keeps it healthy. This segment ends with a couple crazy stories of being on the road including getting into a brawl. Make sure you tune in on Weds for part 2 of this interview, exclusively at