NINE plays COME AS YOU ARE Nirvana 13th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival 2011

Nine plays a cover of the Nirvana song Come As You Are at the 2011 Eagle Rock Music Festival. Formerly known as 4 SCORE and before that Random Rock, these kids are still rockin’ hard! Savannah on Vocals, Spencer on Guitar, Evan on Bass and Chris on Drums.

First Annual Heavy Metal Film Festival

First Annual Heavy Metal Film Festival
The First Annual Heavy Metal Film Festival is being held in Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent Theater .

Computer-Inspired Heavy Metal: When Geekdom and Music Collide
What happens when a GeekTech blogger is also a musician? You end up with the nerdiest heavy metal imaginable.
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Heavy Metal Film Fest Recap
The Heavy Metal Film Fest will include movies about KISS, AC/DC, Meshuggah, Anvil and G.G. Allin, among many others
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