Sea Point Pavilion circa 1977

Sea Point Pavilion circa 1977
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Image by mallix
Only the swimming pool remains today, but that too has been renovated into 3 seperate swimming pools. The big round building later changed to the Hard Rock Cafe and then stood empty for a long time. The building to the right became a Wimpy. Check the ROBOT text written on the road – this is a warning sign for the upcoming traffic light. But they called it a ROBOT. Haff!

Mother’s Finest – Baby Love – live 1977

One of America’s greatest Hard- Rock bands and best kept secrets, they should have blown up like Aerosmith and filled arenas worldwide. One of the first wave of Black Rock bands in the 1970’s their funk- rock sound never got the sales it deserved on Black and Rock Radio. From their landmark album 1977’s “Another Mother Further”
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Black Sabbath @ MSG 1977 70s Rock Metal

Black Sabbath @ MSG 1977 70s Rock Metal
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Image by Whiskeygonebad
Black Sabbath 1977 in Madison Square Garden, NYC taken with my Minolta SRT-102 with a preset 400mm lens from the nosebleed seats. Tri-X pushed to 800. Ozzy Osbourne still rules… but not in his own home naturally. Speaking of home: He looks somewhat "not home" here whilst I am dizzy from the "no smoking signs" that did not exist in 1977. Still, they look sooo 70s C-O-O-L in the spotlight of this moment. Click!!! Gotchya forever Dudes!!! This is my personal fave Sabbath pic of those on my few rolls taken out of two concerts. As just a guy with a regular ticket, I was allowed in with a camera bag full of equip, 400mm lens, tripod & 2 cans of brew [no bottles] cool with security. [not like the fucking Gestapo wannabees now days.] Here they just finished the encore set. Sabbath Rules!
The downside: If you remember this concert, you’re pushin’ 50 at least.