Everyday I’m Studying! NSW Tutors LumenEssence GZee Productions Buy this track on iTunes! Stay motivated for your studies! Credits Executive Producer: George She (NSW Tutors) Produced by LumenEssence Productions Director: Amielia Casey Producer: Irene Cheng Cinematographer & Editor: Daniel Karjadi Sound Engineer: Shaun Gaida Graphics: Andrew Yee Set Assisstant: Jessica Chandra Special Thanks to: Dancers, Extras & Burwood Girls High School Also thanks to our fellow YouTubers for sending in their clips! Check out their awesome channels! ThePharmerGirl MsHyperSinger harrypuravida Study Hard Anthem – RPG Ft. willystyles Study hard! YEA! Wooo!!!! LETS GO! Study hard I’m in my house tonight got my books out and I’m ready to write I think I’m gonna lose my mind Gotta finish cramming for exam time (x2) We just wanna finish! Study That! In my house study hard look up at my clock Feeling tired Can’t stop when we in the zone Gotta keep it quiet like a silenced phone Need a drank To keep the flow 2 red bulls cause I’m rock and roll Caffiene taurine doncha know Let me study shut the door Yoooo!! I’m getting through these books like a pro I got an understanding so I can own that’s my goal We study hard yea! that’s the dude that I’m helpin On the rise to the top aiming for high distinction Hey!!! Study hard I’m in my house tonight Got my books out and I’m ready

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