Storm Just Misses Dome Rock – Gering, NE

Storm Just Misses Dome Rock – Gering, NE
hard rock hits
Image by Welfl
Gering, NE, June 9, 2010. A hail storm was reported as heading directly for my house this evening. There were dark clouds to the west, heading straight for the house, and really, really dark clouds to the northwest, heading for Terrytown and Scottsbluff. To the south a mile or so, I could see clear skies. I decided to get in my car and drive to the clear skies in order to avoid any hail damage. I took my camera with me.

As I took this shot, the storm was over Terrytown and Scottsbluff (to my right a couple of miles). I learned a little later that the hail missed my house by a less than a mile (maybe a few hundred yards), as it hit Terrytown pretty hard.

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