Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild

Die komplette Beat Club-Folge mit diesem Auftritt jetzt im iTunes Store erhältlich! “Heavy Metal Thunder” im Beat Club! Steppenwolf sind “Born To Be Wild” in Bremen am 07.06.1969! Der Song, bekannt aus dem Peter Fonda/ Dennis Hopper Road Movie “Easy Rider”, wurde zur Biker-Hymne und wird für immer mit dem Image von Motorrädern, Outlaws, Rockern und Freiheit verbunden sein. Sometimes described as the first heavy metal song in music history – primarily for the line “heavy metal thunder” in the second verse – the song “Born To Be Wild” is most popular as part of the soundtrack to the Dennis Hopper/ Peter Fonda movie “Easy Rider”. First intended as one of many songs for the soundtrack, the filmmakers quickly realised the potential of the song. Finally, the song appeared in the opening credits of the movie, while Hopper and Fonda riding their Harley choppers through the highways of the American West. Since that time, the song is often associated with a biker and rocker attitude.
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