Skillet – Awake and Alive (Official Music Video HD) Lyrics, Subtitulado, Legendado

Band. Skillet Song: Awake and Alive Option Subtitles: English Lyrics, Traducción / Traducido en Español (Subtítulos / Subtitulado en Catellano), Tradução/ Legendado (Legendas) em Português/ Brasileiro, Google Translator Album. Awake (2009) Origin Memphis, Tennessee, United States Genres Christian rock, Hard rock, Symphonic rock, Industrial rock, Metal Years active: Since 1996 Labels Ardent, INO Records, Lava/Atlantic Records Website Band Members Current John Cooper lead vocals, bass (1996-present) Korey Cooper keyboard, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, synthesizer (1999-present) Ben Kasica lead guitar (2001-present) Jen Ledger drums, backing vocals (2008-present) Former Ken Steorts guitar (1996-1999) founder of Visible School in Memphis, TN, a music and worship arts college) Trey McClurkin drums, backing vocals (1996-2000) Kevin Haaland guitar (1999-2001) Lori Peters drums (2000-2007) Touring Faith Stern keyboards, backing vocals (2002-2003) Chris Marvin guitar, backing vocals (2002-2003, 2005-2006) Andrea Winchell keyboard (2005-2006) Tate Olsen cello (2008-present) Jonathan Chu violin (2008-present) Scotty Rock — backing bass (2009-present) Skillet is a Grammy-nominated Christian hard rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996. The band consists of John Cooper (lead vocalist, bassist), his wife Korey Cooper (rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist), Ben Kasica (lead guitarist), and the newest member Jen Ledger (drummer, vocalist). Skillet has released
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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