she just wants to rock out

she just wants to rock out
rock music
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I’m sort of an idiot at times when it comes to music festivals. Since I didn’t know the bands that were playing before Mucca Pazza, I barely managed to show up during Mucca Pazza.

And while Dan Deacon was an assault to all things good and holy about music in my opinion (and I love electronica and indie dance but not the noises he was making), I should have at least checked out the descriptions of the bands of the day to realize that knowing the bands wasn’t really important.

The second day of the Hideout Block Party all the way through The Frames was a collection of musical oddities that I’m not sure many festivals will ever match again. I can’t believe I missed a rock square dance band and a guitar orchestra because I didn’t read the description.

But I did catch a little of the Blue Ribbon Glee Club who were – surprise, surprise – a rock glee club performing covers of popular and not so popular rock songs in glee club fashion. Their cover of "Where Is My Mind" by The Pixies was so rocktastic that The Frames invited the girl half of the band on stage with them when they did their own cover of The Pixies song.

Who knows if that was planned or not. It was that sort of day. It was a tribute to the directions that rock music can go when broken free of its boundaries.

I’m not sure the first song of the set was a cover or not, but this is the soloist on "I Just Want To Rock Out" (I think that was what the song was called as it was said over and over like a mantra).

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