SDCC 2011: Jon Favreau/Drew Struzan signing

SDCC 2011: Jon Favreau/Drew Struzan signing
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Drew Struzan and Jon Favreau signing at the IGN club at the Hard Rock. Very lucky to get in to this, and couldn’t have done it without friends standing in line while we ran around trying to get gold bricks to win tickets to the Cowboys & Aliens premiere. I never thanked them properly. In the end, it didn’t matter; Favreau was giving us bricks that were all winners.

Struzan didn’t seem to think people were there for him, which is complete madness. Tried to muster something coherent to say to the artist who defined movie poster art for the past 30 odd years, but don’t know if I managed!

Spoke to Jon Favreau briefly, told him the 100% honest truth that I got a bit verklempt during the Visionaries panels. Been really passionate about movies and about FX at least since I was 12, and hearing them say the same things I’ve been saying for years was.. well, oddly emotional! He told me that’s where he was 10 years ago, offered to shake my hand, so I took it, told him my name, and that I’d see him in 10 years.

He told me he expects great things from me.

So, yeah, best Comic-Con story ever. At least until I wind up in a hotel suite with a bunch of drunk celebrities or something. (No, STILL best story.)