Santa Cruz, CA Public Access “HARD ROCK TV” interviews PETER STEELE – TYPE O NEGATIVE in 1997 pt.1

+++RIP PETER+++( Dont forget to watch part 2) “back in the day” there used to be a wonderful public access show called “Hard Rock Television” here in the Santa Cruz County. the host… the “Ice Princess” would VJ all kinds of videos from bands all over the world.Requests were taken, and My good friend & I had flooded the show with requests, and almost all of them were played. She didnt do many interviews, but when she did she chose well. Here is the almost NEVER seen interview with Peter Steele during the October Rust Tour in 1997. They played all of their Videos, but Warner Music Group doesnt want you to be able to see them. they actually blocked my upload when i still had them included, so here it is with ALL MUSIC VIDEOS CUT OUT (so hopefully WMG doesn’t try to claim they own the rights to Peter’s voice while talking, especially when it was on PUBLIC ACCESS!!)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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