Rock Music- Simply Rocking, Yet Melodious!

Music is the essence and the most important aspect of our lives. Music is categorised under various genres such as rock, jazz, classical etc. The categories are determined by the instruments which are generally used to compose the tracks. At times like to take relieve from our stress by enjoying our favourite tracks as they have a great soothing effect. The Rock music is one of the most popular forms which has gained immense popularity with its hard and rocking beats. This type of music typically uses musical instruments such as drums, bass and guitars. It has several styles which have been incorporated by the famous musicians. You can also find this type of music which is accompanied by instruments like pianos, mouth organs and synthesizers.

Rock music first made its mark in United States and United Kingdom during the early fifties. Since then, this genre of music has a got a huge fan following due to certain typical characteristics. However, with the passage of time various new genres have also been added under the Rock category of songs. In 1990, jazz was coupled with the rock genre to form another sub genre called jazz rock music. After that, the rock got blended with the melodious folk music which resulted in folk rock. This genre was a combination of hard and soft melodies that gradually began to gain grounds among the masses. In this type, all the traditional songs were coupled with the musical instruments which are typically related to rock instruments. The popular artists of this genre were Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Woody Guthrie etc.

Nowadays, we have several sub genres under the main category of rock. The most preferred sub genres are heavy metal rock, blues rock, punk rock, and progressive rock etc. Moreover, during the 1980’s and 1990’s, various new genres have also been added like Indie rock, hard rock, brit pop rock etc. One of the most popular rock bands is The Beatles which attracted the attention of the music lovers with its hard core lyrics and compositions. During the 1970s, the Pink Floyd was the most famous and influential band. The type of music which was used by this band was referred to as psychedelic rock.

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