Rock and Roll All Nite (Live) – KISS Expert RB3 Kiss picks are okay on guitar. Cool on drums, BLAH on vocals (Live Kiss vocals, really!?) and some slightly “eventful” bass on both songs. Not too bad. Good for the nostalgia and some fun solos. kind of better than expected I guess, but that’s not really saying much, not the greatest fan. And I know I already said this during Christmas but loljewsafterchristianholidays Roy Orbison wasn’t the most difficult (obviously) but I really enjoyed the songs. Very simple simple songs with simple premises but keys are good fun. Don’t quite remember the drums or bass but probably not that great. Vocals are really fun but I didn’t really like how in the way the harmonies got sometimes, kind of confusing on sightreads =P Mostly acoustic guitar songs like these are easy, but Dream Baby was an awesome surprise. Blue Bayou should’ve gotten the upgrade imo

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