Rappy’s Visit

Dr. Faces goes on a vacation and leaves MegaG to take care of Rappy! Vegas messed up the television again when rendering. This took a really long time due to a lot of set backs and school, the ending was a bit rushed, however, overall I think this turned out quite well. Thanks to Dr. Face for the initial idea and of course the his part. Music: Will be up so- Actually, I forgot half the songs, so here’s my best… Ape Escape – Thick Jungle Dramatic music. Layla – Derek and the Dominos That Sad Song. Kirby Air Ride music in the City Heart of Courage – 2 Steps from Hell HEAVY METAL sped up. I don’t know what the song is when my character takes a crap. Or when he’s asleep with Rappy The 12:00 midnight song is something from Spongebob Everybody Werrle – Neverhood Matrix chase song Spongebob dance song Matrix chase song again SPONGEBOB song again. Some weird song that I don’t even know. SKYRIM MAIN THEME! Something from Neverhood I’m sure. Matrix theme for .02 seconds. The rest is from Dr. Face, and I have no idea what they are..! I hope this helps!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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