quiksilver open keramas 09 day 5 (final day)

Tai Buddha Graham Wins Quiksilver Open 2009 Lee Wilson Crowned 2009 Coca-Cola ISC Champ 3 November 2009, Keramas-Bali: In a 30 minute final conclusion to five days of intense surfing competition at the 6-Star Prime Quiksilver Open 2009 at Keramas Beach in Bali, Tai Buddha Graham bested newly crowned 2009 Indonesian Surfing Champion Lee Wilson to boast his first Coca-Cola Indonesian Surfing Championship Tour win and top the podium to receive a trophy and the 20 million Rupiah winners check. Graham, who also doubles as an announcer at most of the ISC Tour events and hails from the Gold Coast of Australia, was in shock when he returned to the beach. This is unreal, he said. Its gonna take a bit for it to all to sink in I think. I never expected to win an event like this.ever. I was just happy to get to nab some big Keramas barrels with just a couple other guys outbut never dreamed Id be atop the podium at the end of it all! he added. Graham surfed from Round 2 and was a standout in the big and hollow waves that were the rule during the majority of the event. And he did it all with a broken toe, sustained at Cloud 9 in the Philippines three weeks ago. When asked how it felt, he laughed and replied Hahaha.what broken toe? Cant feel a thing now mate! But ya, at times I felt it a bit doing bottom turns, thats why I mostly just went for the barrel. I couldnt have ever imagined winning a heat like this in 3 foot windy Keramas, not to mention a final against Lee. Lee is my good
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