Quick Guide To Death Metal

In the metal music community there are multiple branches of metal music. One of these branches is Death Metal. This is another category of heavy metal music. Inside of death metal there are other subgenres of music. Heavy metal songs with complex song structures, various tempo changes, double bass drumming, deep growling vocals and heavy distorted guitars will give you the basic building block of death metal. This was a start of a new metal music genre.

Death Metal Beginning

Most people believe that death metal came up from thrash metal. The growth of this genre started to inspire people in the mid 1980s. Celtic Frost, Slayer and Kreator were the bands that started death metal. There has been one man that has been concidered to be “the father of death metal” and that mans name is Celtic Frost. Some bands began to rise, like Possessed and Morbid Angel.

Complex Metal Music

Death Metal music usually has 5 people to a band, two guitarists, bass guitarist, drummer and singer. They all have different styles of play. The guitarists have downturned guitars and the drummer has a double bass pedal or kick drums. Fast tempo changing guitars and drums with heavy distortion and bass. The vocals often use growls, snarls and grunts. These different vocal sounds have always been a purpose of death metal’s expression of lyrical content.

Death Metal and Luciferianism

This genre of music has been known to have Satanism or antireligious meanings. People have taken the gory and violent style of death metal and assumed that they were part of Satanism worship. Death metal songs are about various topics in life, which have nothing to do with the devil. They may wright about a life experience they had. Or about love, hate or any type of emotions they might be feeling at the time.

Death Metal Categories

Here are some other sections of death metal.


This is the same variations of the typical death metal. It has the same features and elements as death metal with more melodic singing. In Flames, At the Gates and Dark Tranquillity have expanded this to one of the most popular forms of death metal.

Technical Death Metal

This death metal has a very distinguished sound of music. They commonly have high harmonies and melodies with uncommon time signatures. Technical death metal has been known to be a break off of progressive rock and jazz / classical music. Bands that fall into this genre are Opeth, Cryptosy and Edge of Sanity.

Doom Death

You can figure out that Death Doom Metal is a combination of death and doom metal. Bands like My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost and Winter have slowed the tempo, scream out a growling vocal and kept the double kick drumming going to make this a new death metal genre.


When bands fit into either black metal or death metal, some will just call it blackened death metal. This is where Blasphemy, Zyklon and Behemoth fit into.

Goregrind / Deathgrind

Cephalic Carnage, Circle of Death Children and Brujeria have intense speed and complex structure of their music to make this deathgrind and goregrind music.

Deathcore Death Metal

Death core is very similar to deathgrind but more elements of death metal. The style has fast drumming, guitars and growled vocals. Job for a Cowboy, Salt the Wound and Suicide Silence continue to grow this genre of death metal music.

Where is Death Metal Going

Death metal has changed to various different genres sense the beginning. But this will only draw in new crowds and fans of death metal. Try to listen to the different styles and genres to see if any style fits you.

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