People at work: Jamar

People at work: Jamar
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Image by Earl – What I Saw 2.0
Jamar cooks at the Jet Rock Bar and Grill in Terminal F at the Philadelphia International Airport. He makes a pretty great cheesesteak and has a lot of fun doing it. He makes the orders for the walk-up customers (which I was, catching lunch in between connecting flights) and for all of the customers in the restaurant, too – at over a dozen tables and those seated at the bar.

He moved quickly and easily between the person taking the orders at the counter, another person behind the counter prepping fries and onion rings, and the servers from the restaurant area who passed him orders from their pads and then picked them up as he worked his way through the stack and passed the platters back to them through the little window to his left.

You can see the steaks on the left side of the grill, the onions in the middle of it and the rolls on the right. After the steak meat cooks a little more, he chops it up with the edge of the spatula that’s resting face up. The pot to the left of the grill is full of melted Cheese Whiz, ready to be layered on the finished sandwich. The order tickets are clipped above the grill.

It was fun watching him fly through the orders and having fun doing it.

After my friend and I finished, I walked back over, thanked him for the great lunch, told him about the People At Work series I’m doing and asked him if he would like to be part of it. He laughed and said sure.

When I asked him what he loved about doing what he does, he said, "Philly! I love Philly, working in Philly, and I love making cheesesteaks!"

One of the servers looked in through the little pass-through opening and said, "Hey – I thought you loved working with me!"

Now he’s laughing, shes laughing, the customers in line are laughing, my friend and I are laughing – it was a pretty great moment. When he made that happen for everybody -everyone who was working hard, traveling hard – you could tell that this was a big part of what comes when you love what you do. It made a difference, and everyone could feel it.

This is the best of the two quick shots I got of Jamar – it had to be fast, because he was still working – and I’m sending a full-rez copy to his email. It was great meeting him, and I’m glad he’s part of the series.

Here is a link to the rest of the People at Work series:

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