Party Hard

Party Hard
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Image by nickhall
This is from a few years back, yet still ranks as one of the top photos I have in my possession. Besides it is just in time for the Close Calls with Brick Walls release.

What we have here is Andrew W.K. pushing around my friend, Spaz, in a shopping cart. Yes, that same Andrew W.K., note the long hair, dirty white jeans and Reeboks. You can’t make this stuff up. Who else would hang out after the show (in an alley) for hours with fans just fooling around.

I have never had more fun at a show than seeing AWK. He has a fan for life, I’ll get a ticket to see him whenever he comes around. Best line from any Andrew W.K. show, "This next one is about chocolate bars". Then he continued to play his rendition of the Twix ‘Give Me a Break’ jingle.

Seriously, can rock stars get any cooler than this. He is the most positive, down to earth and genuinely nice musician that I have ever met. Not that I have met a significant number of musicians but I was blown away by his personality. I have a lot of admiration for someone who can have so much fun with everything they do.

We could all use a little more AWK.

This one is better viewed in the slightly larger version so you can really see AWK’s expression.

* Photo credits belong to my friend, Lucas Walther.

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