Pagan Metal – Gleipnir

Get this Song here: This Song now is clearly Pagan Metal, It’s probably the hardest Song I’ve made so far. I tried to concentrate on Rhythms, but at the same Time not to lose Focus on the Melodies. I hope you like it. © Copyright of all Audio belongs to Adrian von Ziegler. THE MEANING OF GLEIPNIR: In northern Mythology Gleipnir is the Binding, which holds the mighty Fenriswolf until Ragnarök, when it will break and let Fenris devour Odin. Links to similar Songs: Behind the Stars: Cliffs of Moher: Wild Flower: Hringhorni: Moorchild: Snow From Seven Years Past: An Everlasting Flame: Freedom Spirit: Wolves of the Sea: Sons of the Allfather: Welcome to Trollstad: Where I Belong: Skilfingr: The Stormbringer: Lifeclock: Brachnirs Clam: Juhannuskokko: Metsän Lapi: (Troll Metal) The Sylvans Path: A Celtic Lore: A Celtic Tale: Viking Blood: DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the Original of this Picture, I just edited it.

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