Other Catgories of Doom Metal

There have been other sub groups of doom metal. Some have a small twist from the original and some are mixed with other metal genres. Here is a small list of the other categories you can find in doom metal.

Traditional Metal

This is where doom metal all began. The 1990s was the starting point of doom metal evolution. Where most new and old bands fall into this category. Doom metal that has heavy distortion and a slower tempo with heavy distortion is usually falls in the Traditional sub genre. This style of doom metal often has growls, clean singing and screams. Bands that fall into this genre is Ogre, Reverend Bizarre and Witchcraft.

Epic Doom Metal

Epic is quite close to Traditional metal. The style of singing is what alters the two. You’ll find more clean singing vocals in Epic. Included bands within this group are Solstice, Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass and Doomsword.

Doom Metal – Stoner

Psychedelic Metal can be another term for this sub genre. Why you might ask, because it has psychedelic styles into the music. Loading up on guitar effects and bass, this style is really a bit different than typical doom metal. Usual guitar effects is going to be fuzz, phaser and flanger. Using effects and guitar pedals was initially used in doom metal by Stoner bands.
For quite a few examples of Stoner metal bands check out Acid King, Electric Wizard, Sons of Otis, Sleep and KyussElectric Wizard, Acid King, Kyuss, Sleep and Sons of Otis are a few of the popular stoner metal bands.


Mix southern rock, metal and hardcore punk and you will probably come out with sludge. This kind of music incorporates a fast tempo. Sludge metal has more double bass drum beats plus more of a raw distortion sound guitar. Singing about drugs, politics and society gives you a preview on what Sludge metal is all about.
To find out more on Sludge metal have a look at these bands: Acid Bath, Crowbar, Eyehategod and Grief.


Putting together some really heavy distortion and slow tempos gives you much more of a death metal feel. Deep growling voices and snarls within the vocals is the biggest distinctions you will discover in this style. With an increase of double bass drumming than typical doom metal. Most bands that belong to this category were influenced by Celtic Frost and Hellhammer.
To find out more tune in to Autopsy, Asphyx, Winter, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride.

Doom Metal – Black

Black or Blackened is a style that combines the worlds of doom metal and black metal. You will see a lot of high pitched scream with a huge amount of raw distortion. Full of dirty distortion along with a slow pace is common in Black metal. To learn more about Black Doom look into Gallhammer, Nortt, Ajattara and Dolorian.

Doom Metal Grows

The above mentioned of a few of the other sub groups of doom metal. There are even a lot more than these. Even today you will discover new bands and it rising. Doom metal isn’t in the public eye as much as it was, but it won’t die.

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