One Way Ticket [w/ Lyrics] – Gentleman’s Vibe [ORIGINAL]

HEY GUYS!! We FRIGGIN missed ya’ll!! Sorry we’ve been gone for a while! We’ve been working like craaazy on our new mixtape called THE “OH SNAP! WE’RE BACK!” MIXTAPE which will be out VERY VERY soon and also our upcoming untitled Album/EP that’s set to be released this summer. Anyways, here’s an original song from our mixtape. A song that’s basically about our dreams and goals as we take this path towards our music careers. And honestly sometimes.. it’s really hard not to daydream about what the future holds haha so we hope ya’ll like it! It’s been a pretty depressing past couple of weeks for the world, so here’s some feel good music to jam to : ) PEACE&LOVE…#PRAYFORJAPAN -GENTLEMAN’S VIBE Download : Lyrics: Different places, unknown faces but we keep chasing all these stages keep on climbing to my destination keep on making this thing called music Don’t look down cause we gon’ make it never gonna stop, it’s a one way ticket one way ticket, pack your bags it’s a one way ticket, no turning back [Verse One – Neal] So I’m hoppin’ on a plane, first class, chillin’ with the stewardess I got a one way ticket, I ain’t turnin’ back see my bags have been packed for a while and this lifestyle’s busy so you gotta redial Infact, some people hate me with a passion so I wait for disapproval like a bad transaction but I don’t care, they can crush my dreams I’m high on life, bi-winning, like I’m Charlie Sheen Damn, this lifestyle’s the opposite of boring cracked and thumbed
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