My Top 30 Power Metal Songs – #21 – Helloween – Victim of Fate

A song by the german band Helloween, creators of power metal! Their first album, which this song is from, was the blueprints of power metal, and not long after this album was released, power metal became a major subgenre 😉 And of course we can’t forget that this was where Kai Hansen began, this is the only Helloween album he does vocals on, afterwards he played guitar only and hired Michael Kiske for the vocals, another legendary singer. Kai left the band to form Gamma Ray after their third album, Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II, and the term “jumping a sinking ship” comes to mind as their next two albums were rather weird, after which Kiske left the band and Andi Deris took over the vocals, who personally I rate highly as a vocalist, and I am a big fan of their more recent works too 🙂 Artist: Helloween Song: Victim of Fate Album: Walls of Jericho Year: 1985 Country: Germany Top 30 Power Metal Songs #30 Cage – Hell Destroyer #29 Iron Attack! – Far East Judgement #28 Almah – Magic Flame #27 Gamma Ray – Beyond the Black Hole #26 Persuader – Slaves of Labour #25 Magic Kingdom – We Rise #24 Angra – Heroes of Sand #23 Domine – On the Wings of the Firebird #22 Helstar – Angels Fall to Hell #21 Helloween – Victim of Fate #20

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