Misery, St. Evil (Steve Powell) and Irrumator (Mick Kenney) of Anaal Nathrakh

Misery, St. Evil (Steve Powell) and Irrumator (Mick Kenney) of Anaal Nathrakh
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Image by Metal Chris
This is (L to R) Misery playing bass, St. Evil (real name Steve Powell) on drums and Irrumator (real name Mick Kenney) on guitar of the band Anaal Nathrakh playing at Maryland Deathfest 6 at Sonar in Baltimore on 24 May 2008. I have seen a lot of heavy metal bands in my day, but this show was just incredible. Easily one of the all time best shows I’ve ever seen and it made that trip up to Baltimore and back that night and the ticket and beers and all that worth it. I had no idea what to expect as this was their first US show. They totally destroyed. The sheer amount of energy coming from this band was just ridiculous. They didn’t dress up, they didn’t play stupid intros or talk about politics or anything like that. Hell, they didn’t even play their own instruments. Apparently there was a problem getting into the country and they couldn’t bring their gear, it was all borrowed, and it cost them 2 grand (I don’t know if that’s Dollars or Pounds) to get to the show. If you look close you can see Mick Kenny is playing the guy from Monstrosity‘s guitar, and the bass player has the bass from the guy in Ghoul. Not sure who the other instruments were from. Sadly much of the crowd from earlier had gone home by the time they hit the stage, sucks for them. This show was just sick. If you like extreme heavy metal you gotta see this band if you get the chance. I really cannot describe how awesome this show was. If you want to see some video I shot of their first 3 songs of the night click the song titles below:

Screaming Of The Unborn
Submission Is For The Weak
Do Not Speak

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