Metallica-20th Anniversary Of “Master Of Puppets” [Live 2006 Rock Am Ring] FULL

The entire Master Of Puppets album performed by Met during their concert in Rock Am Ring, 2006. (I apologize for the stupid glitch from 31:02 to 31:23. It’s just a weird pause in the video. Luckily not one second of music is lost!) Enjoy. Battery 00:10-5:48 Master Of Puppets 5:48-14:05 The Thing That Should Not Be 14:48-22:18 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 22:36-28:55 Disposable Heroes 29:35-38:10 Leper Messiah 39:03-44:36 Orion 45:49-55:20 Damage Inc. 55:25-1:01:11
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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