Martin & Dave

Martin & Dave
hard rock hits
Image by ballookey
At the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. Of all the shots I took, Martin was the most likely to be sharp – he doesn’t move around that much.

By the way, what is UP with some people? There were three people next to me that absolutely clobbered me through the whole show – I got hit in the head twice, I got hit in the boobs two or three times, and about 95% of the time I had either a sweaty chick banging into me like crazy, or a sweaty guy humping my left side and shoving me off balance. How is this abuse justified by the phrase "It’s a concert, sweetheart!"

OK, yeah, and I was enjoying it SO much more when I didn’t have a sweaty guy knocking me over and elbowing my face. "It’s my physical well-being, dollface!" I had to run out of there before I punched him. His face was SO in punching reach. I figured, there’s no way that could work out well for me.

Later I felt better when the people around us in the cab line were complaining of the same thing. We were agreed that if we saw any of the same folks in the cab line, we’d have no problem punching them then – when the chance of getting ejected from the show was past.

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