MAGMA Greatest Group/Band of Our Time

A short clip of the French group Magma, jamming brilliantly on the final part of De Futura, from the EPOK 2 Mythes et Legendes DVD, offered by Seventh Records. Magma is a legendary group in Europe, currently celebrating their 40th anniversary. Shockingly, they have only a cult following in the USA, but those who like them are absolute fanatics. I describe Magma as follows: the energy of Otis Redding, the spirit of John Coltrane, the brooding depths of Bartok, and a melange of jazz fusion, hard rock, and classical chorale that creates a magic unique unto themselves. Listen to more of this group, and you will be amazed at the variety and spiritual depths of their music. De Futura Hiroshima is far from my favorite work (a little too dark, not all Magma is bleak!), but a good place to start for those who like to rock out.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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