Video Games/Blue Jeans available on iTunes Worldwide now: New Single Born To Die January 23 (UK) / January 10 (US) Watch the video: Debut Album Born To Die January 30 (UK) / January 31 (US) Pre Order Album Amazon: iTunes: THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH TO THE FILM MAKERS WHO INSPIRED THIS VIDEO AND WERE SO GRACIOUS WITH THEIR MATERIAL. ESPECIALLY TO LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI & MGM STUDIOS, CHAD TASKY & STEVEN GERLOCK. ALSO: Monte Carlo, Monaco Super 8 footage courtesy of Chad Tasky Fireworks footage courtesy of Epic Fireworks and David DeSafey Rose Petals Falling footage courtesy of Silverio Ortega A Movie Star Without a Cause courtesy of Charles Meyer Butterfly footage courtesy of Sander van den Berg djsanderdj Chateau Marmont footage courtesy of Brian Carnduff Broken Heart Flipbook footage courtesy of BloodyRenegadeX beats of the heart footage courtesy of acuntonfmol Cristina Casanova 1957 Downtown Las Vegas at Night Footage courtesy of gerlock11 Road Trippin with Erin Brown trailer park footage of Erin Brown eringobrown Rockin In My Chevy footage courtesy of Katt Productions Wild Horse footage courtesy of Best Shot Footage Time Lapse Rose courtesy of Neil Bromhall neilbromhall Super 8 Ektachrome 100D footage courtesy of Art Leal x05e New York City Super 8 Extachrome footage courtesy of Art Leal x05e California 08: super8 film footage courtesry of Chris Gavin projectmedia End
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