Laid To Rest Expert+ Drums 100% FC (Guitar Hero: Smash Hits) [ION + Foot View]

***Click For More Info*** Officially Sponsored By – The best product, best warranty, best prices. PERIOD. Destroyer Pedal, ION Drums, and MORE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3rd Documented FC On Expert+ Drums. This is a Re-FC because my first FC of it was live on stream. So i took my camera i was about to return, out of the package and quickly threw this together. Then had to put it back together. Just for you guys =] Read this very carefully trolls First Documented FC USING A ROCK BAND DRUM SET [4 lanes] And I DO NOT want to hear any bitching about how using 5 pads is harder because **THERE ARE THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF NOTES IN THE SONG USING A ROCK BAND DRUM SET AS THEIR ARE USING A GH:WT DRUM SET.** If you do not believe me, go check out Someguy913’s FC of this using 5 lanes or Minime220220. This is the last person i will be linking for a long time: Minime220220 plays rock band drums, has a Roland kit like Someguy913, and has awesome split screen videos. He is the second to FC this song on expert+ so check out his videoss and perhaps subscribe or you’ll miss out on a lot of good videos – Fun Fact: Im the first to FC it using a twin rocker lololol. Both Minime220220 and Someguy913 have sensitive triggered KD-8’s. Mine has to be hit hard to register b/c of twin rocker. Also Yea the foot view is lulz with the lamp =] I figured my feet and pedals were too hard to see because of the crappy lighting so i literally stuck a lamp in

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