Kraftwerk – Heavy Metal Kids

A live rarity from the early days of Kraftwerk. Recorded live for Radio Bremen in June 1971, whilst Ralf Hutter was taking a 6 month brief break from the band, and instead features the Rother/Dinger/Schneider line up. This is a very hard rocking krautrock number. Featuring: FLORIAN SCHNEIDER – flute with effects. MICHAEL ROTHER – guitar. KLAUS DINGER – drums. Pre – Neu! days and this track gives a taster of what was to come from Neu! in the future. Eventually Dinger and Rother would leave KRAFTWERK to form NEU!. Later on in the year Ralf Hutter would rejoin KRAFTWERK and electronic history would be made there after. Reason that Ralf Hutter did NOT participate during this brief moment of the band (late 1970-mid 1971)is apparently he wanted to complete his Studies. Since mid-1971 Hutter was back. It is rumoured that a drummer called Charley Weiss and a bassist/cellist (now an artist) Eberhard Krannemann also collaborated around this time, but not on this recording at least. Sadly Klaus Dinger died in March 2008.

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