KALMAH fans in Turkey, join here: www.facebook.com FOR HIGH DEFINITION YouTube Version: www.youtube.com It is my Tribute to GREAT melodeath band KALMAH. I put samples of the 14 KALMAH songs.. It was hard to decide which songs to put into the video.. Because of the limited video upload duration of YouTube, I could only cover some of the great songs, but I am planning to put the rest into my next Kalmah video.. Thanks for watching… Note to Fans: KALMAH’s fifth album was released in early April 2008. The complete tracklist of this awesome album is: 1. For the Revolution 2. Dead Man’s Shadow 3. Holy Symphony of War 4. Wings of Blackening 5. Ready for Salvation 6. Towards the Sky 7. Outremer 8. Coward 9. Like a Slave… Songs Covered in this video(in ordered fashion): The Third, The Magical Human Fates Time Takes Us All Hades Moon Of My Nights Heritance of Berija The Groan of Wind Defeat Alteration Hollow Heart One From The Stands Burbot’s Revenge Heroes To Us Dance Of The Water

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