Judas Priest – The Ripper

Judas Priest are an English heavy metal band from Birmingham, formed in 1969. Judas Priest’s core line-up consists of bass player Ian Hill, vocalist Rob Halford and guitarists Glenn Tipton and KK Downing. The band has gone through several drummers, though Scott Travis has held the position since 1989. They have been cited as an influence on many heavy metal musicians and bands. Their popularity and status as one of the definitive heavy metal bands has earned them the nickname “Metal Gods” from their song of the same name. They have sold over 35 million albums worldwide. ________________________________________ You’re in for surprise You’re in for a shock In London town streets When there’s darkness and fog When you least expect me And you turn your back I’ll attack I smile when I’m sneaking Through shadows by the wall I laugh when I’m creeping But you won’t hear me at all All hear my warning Never turn your back On the ripper You’ll soon shake with fear Never knowing if I’m near I’m sly and I’m shameless Nocturnal and nameless Except for “The Ripper” Or if you like “Jack The Knife” [SOLO (Glenn)] Any back alley street Is where we’ll probably meet Underneath a gas lamp Where the air’s cold and damp I’m a nasty surprise I’m a devil in disguise I’m a footstep at night I’m a scream of the fright All hear my warning Never turn your back On the ripper…the ripper….the ripper
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