Immolation – Despondent Souls [Demo]

Taken from: “Demo II” (1989) 1.Internal Decadence03:02 2.Burial Ground03:39 3.Despondent Souls04:32 Total playing time11:13 slaughtering the innocent massacring the weak intimidating their fearful minds corrupt all their hopes expurgate their thoughts oppressing all nauseate with fright hallowed shells of living corpses pay homage to their art frail and weak despondent souls are prematuely dead… chorus: cherished hopes beyond your gasp trepidation grows within time exists to test your brain tormenting fast your sanity dormant lives are cast aside evil slaughter vile and sick …………… fell the pain! deep below… damp and cold chambers filled…. with rotting dead sealed together… cryptic cells twisted corpses… in a mangled grave maggots grow… deep inside multiply… savored feast concealed to all… unknown their fate plea for life… thier cries obscure (repeat first verse) (repeat chorus)
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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