ILLUMINATI | RAP/HIP-HOP/ROCK SONG INSTRUMENTAL My Artist Channel: This is a Rap / Hip Hop / Rock remix of the ‘Gamma Ray’ Induction. Using the beginning sample of ‘Induction’ the first track of the Gamma Ray Album ‘NO WORLD ORDER’. I re-made the rest of the beat entirely mixing a rap beat in with the Sample/Chorus. The beat is made using mainly electric guitar and deep orchestra strings. Aswell as deep orchestra & group drums. Made on Logic Pro 9 by Jason Hawkins aka Hyperaptive @ Syko Recordz 2010. SYKO BEATS I’m not ENTIRELY sure on my views of the Illuminati. I beleive they exist but I also beleive there are a number of exaggerations in the conspiracies circling the internet. That’s not to say I don’t believe they exist though… Illuminati New World Order Elite World Control Symbols Doller America USA Jay Z Rihanna Lady Gaga Kanye West Lil Wayne Music Rap Hip Hop Rock Instrumental Beat Fake Hidden Messages
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