I WILL NOT burn in hell for listening to rock music

A video about the misconceptions of rock music. It took me FOREVER to make this, so I really hope you like it. Honestly, it’s a little boring, but it has meaning. the Songs I used (In order) are: Last Resort-Papa Roach Welcome to the family- Avenged Sevenfold Uprising- Muse White Knuckles-Five Finger Death Punch My Alkaline- AFI Welcome to the Black Parade- My Chemical Romance Bodies-Drowning Pool Paralyzer- finger Eleven Rope- Foo fighters Black Betty- Ram Jam Voodoo- Godsmack Psycho-Puddle of Mudd Erase My Scars- Evans Blue Another brick in the wall- Pink Floyd Creep- Radiohead Du Hast- Rammstein Help is on the way- Rise Against Wherever I may roam- Metallica Bleed it out- linkin Park War- the Sick Puppies (again) White Knuckles- Five finger death punch So what I lied- the Sick Puppies Dead and Bloated- Stone Temple Pilots Under the Bridge- Red Hot Chili Peppers Blurry- Puddle Of Mudd Dream On- Aerosmith support all these amazing artists by buying their music on itunes, walmart, amazon, rhapsody, etc.. Thank You SO much for watching!

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