Heavy Metal: FAKK 2 Intro and ending with nude patch 1/2

Heavy Metal: FAKK 2 intro and ending + battle with the end boss In Heavy Metal FAKK 2 you play the character Julie. It is your job to rescue “your people” while participation in an unfolding story that is both interesting and well told. The game genre is that of a fantasy/sci-fi hybrid; exactly how you will remember the movie Heavy Metal. This really gives the game the ability to go off in many interesting directions, and it does. You will wield flaming swords, tote a 50 cal machine gun, and fire a plasma crossbow. All while staring at Julie’s rendered 3D bod in 5 different sexy outfits. The nude-patch makes it even MORE fun. get the nude-patch from the link below www.megaupload.com

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